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decorative pillow covers Be Proud Of Your Heritage 2 - English Tudor Style funny cushion covers
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This decorating style takes us back - way back to the time of Tudor rule from the late 15th century to the early 17th century. Even though this style began all those years ago, the trend still exists today in what is known as Tudor-Revival. This is loved for its refined and elegant lookdecorative pillow covers, often distinguished by its dark furniture, antiques and rich coloured palettes.

Although this style is suitable for all rooms of the house - it really shines in living rooms and dining rooms. Want to find out more? Read our advice for getting the look!

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HI! I’m Kimbo! and i’m SUPER DUPER EXCITED to be here!!!!!!

This turtleneck dress was the cutest on S last winter, but a little too small and way too warm for this summer. I’ve sort of reached the point of ridiculousness with my inability to part with her old clothes – how many boxes of “memory clothes” do I need? So I recycled it into a jersey skirt for summer and a matching hairclip. It took about 15 minutes. Get the full Recycled Summer Skirt tutorial after the jump…Recycled Winter Dress into Summer Skirt

I can’t believe we are in 2011.? Hope your weekend was lovely and cozy…….with yummy things to eat and no stress.

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