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decorative pillow covers Be Proud Of Your Heritage 3 - British Colonial Style funny cushion covers
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The British Colonial style is well-loved and has been since its arrival in the late 19th century - when the British Empire had poked its way into all other continents. In Asia, Africa and India, the locals began to make the British feel at home by replicating the current British furniture designs.

The only difference was that the woods had to be suited to the climate; therefore mahoganydecorative pillow covers, teak, ebony, rattan, wicker and animal hide were used. All the while, the new British style had touches of the land in which they were made (think of exotic carved pineapples as an example). British Colonial style was born!

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Home isn’t always before and afters, but even progress feels oh so good! Today I’m so excited to share before and “afters” of our little lake cottage which includes some really easy and budget friendly ideas.

Fancy bringing a touch of the past into your home? No matter what your interior style, whether you prefer to keep things minimal or enjoy that shabby chic look, there's always a way to tastefully evoke a hint of decades gone by.

If you want to turn a living room or lounge into a cosy and chic country cottage retreat you'll need to use warm colours, light flooring, soft lighting to brighten up a small cottage living room and turn it into a light, airy living space.

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