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decorative pillow covers Creating a Bedroom Oasis for Better Sleep pillow case baby
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We tend to think of making our beds as a routine morning chore, but it turns out the ritual may be more meaningful than that. The results of a recent Bedroom Poll by the National Sleep Foundation found that many people believe clean, neat and comfortable elements of the bedroom environment are important to getting a good night’;s sleep.

Not surprisinglydecorative pillow covers, over 90 percent of people said a comfortable mattress and pillows are important to the sleep experience. But more than three quarters of people also believe that the comfortable feel of sheets and bedding are important to a good night’;s rest, and 62 percent said that a clean bedroom makes the difference.

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People who reported making their bed in the morning were 19 percent more likely to get a good night’;s sleep every night. It’;s not clear why this is, but perhaps there is a connection between feeling good about where you sleep and your tendency to sleep through the night.


Here are a few ideas to get your bedroom looking and feeling as comfortable as possible and help you feel your best!

1-Use some of our fine embroidered cotton sheets for your bed that are 200 or 400 thread count. ?Crisp, clean cotton sheets are a great pleasure in life.

2-Match with a duvet cover that is inviting and comfortable.

3-Throw pillows add a special touch to your room and can really make you bed look like a one from a luxury resort when you make it up each morning.

4-Use a comfortable throw blanket for extra cool nights.

5-Keep your room clean and organized. ?You’;ll sleep better when every thing is put away and you don’;t have to worry about stepping on something or tripping in the middle of the night.

6-Minimize electronics in your room. ?In order to signal your body that your room is for rest and relaxation, keep computers, TVs and even cellphones out of your room for more restful sleep.

7-Keep your room dark and cool. ?Light blocking curtains are helpful for creating a dark environment for you to sleep in. ?Even the street lights can be disruptive to your sleep cycle. ?Temperature is also important. ?Keep your room a little cooler at night.

8-Use aromatherapy. ?Keep a lavender sachet by your bed, or use an oil diffuser. ?Just make sure that you use soothing calming scents that aren’;t too strong.

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