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decorative pillow covers The Amazing Use of Glass funny cushion covers
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The amazing can-do attitude of glass makes it one of the most valuable, varied, useable and used raw materials in home furnishing. At any level of home design, glass is there playing a vital part. Its uniqueness stems from the fact that it is one of the very few materials that successfully bridges the gap between old and dependable and new and cutting edge. Its sleekdecorative pillow covers, reflective surface is the perfect foil to soft furnishings yet its transparency means it is less obvious and obstructive than other materials used to balance out a room such as metal or marble. You can literally never have enough glass in your home.

If you are lucky enough to be reading this article whilst you are still at the build stages of a new home then you should seriously consider glass partitions rather than walls in the living area. Not only are they an ultra stylish alternative to drab old plasterboards, they also allow tons natural light to flood all areas of the home and therefore cut energy costs. And added benefit will also be the illusion of increased spaced, whilst still preventing sound from travelling around the house- perfect for large families.

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If privacy is a concern, frosted glass will look just as amazing and allow plenty of light to travel through it. If you are able to really push the boat out you can now have the best of both worlds if you purchase electric glass. This variation is connected to your electricity supply and remains transparent whilst the current runs through it. Switching off the connection will mist the glass for instant privacy.

Using misted or frosted glass is also a simple way allow a little more light into a bathroom without windows- although don’t situate the toilet next to it or some really interesting shadow puppets will be created. An alternative is to use glass bricks.

If your house was built long do not worry, there are lots more ways glass can transform a space. A dining or coffee table is not only an avante garde statement that really shows of the structure of the design; it will also create the illusion of more space by keeping most of the floor area visible. Large glass mirrors also increase the feel of space and are available in many forms. For real glamour, place your mirror behind a lamp or under a spotlight, this will really bounce the light around a space and add some sparkle.

Glass ornaments come in all shapes and sizes and add real texture and interest to a room. It is a good idea to buy them in a few different colours and set them up next to candles or side lamps as this will really intensify the decorative effectiveness. Obviously you will need to remember to mix up your choice of decoration, for example add some cushions or a rug to a space in order to prevent the hard surface of the glass feeling a little cold.

Really experiment with glass. You can go as cheap and cheerful or cutting edge and costly as you like but you really can never go to far so have fun and be bold and you are sure to be ecstatic with the difference a little sand can make!

While you actively turn your living space into a first-class, holiday extravaganza, don't forget the kids. Creating the spirit of Christmas, Santa Claus, or just a good feeling, in your child's bedroom, will give them the right attitude of the season. It only takes a few cheery touches of Christmas to leave a lasting memory for years to come.

I love to sew simple summer skirts. They are so easy to sew that you don’t even need a sewing pattern! ?Just take a few measurements and you’re ready to go.

Yum, buttons. I do love buttons. Boxes full of them, to run through my fingers. Especially pretty ones, to replace boring ones on clothing, turn into jewellery, decorate accessories with, or just look at! However, sometimes, you just can't find the button you want - thats where these come in!The ones I'm making need the use of a laser cutter or other CNC equipment, but towards the end (step 4), I'll explain a couple of ways to do this by hand too.You'll need:access to CAD softwareaccess to a laser cutter3mm thick acrylicposter paintspaint brushtissue/ragideas?On the last page of this instructable, there are some curriculum links - I've done this with my students, maybe you'll find somewhere to include it in a project with yours too.

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