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funny pillow cases Be Proud Of Your Heritage 4 - English Victorian Style funny cushion covers
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In the second half of the 19th century, our Queen Victoria had shed light on England and a new era began; one with prosperity and opulent living. A lot of what we know about English home design and decorating today would have been influenced during the time of Queen Victoria's reign.

In modern timesfunny pillow cases, it is the femininity of the Victorian style that keeps it so popular and treasured - a classic it definitely is. To help you achieve one of the most well-renowned styles of British history, we highlight some of the aspects of this decorating style.

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In effort to restore our basement from the “move” when we had our hardwood floors installed, I overstocked the bar cart,causing it to shatter overnight. Oops! Since that sad November day, I’ve beenrethinking what we should do with our wine and alcohol. Over the summer, we removed the obtrusive wet bar that was dated and blocked both the light and flow between our living room and kitchen. Removing walls and storage forces you to optimize the space you do have and minimize clutter. That’s exactly what our bookcase was filled with – clutter. Trinkets that weren’t in use, miscellaneous books that used to grace our shelves and games that were better suited for our linen cabinet in the family room. I decided to utilize Saturday afternoon nap time by painting and repurposing the bookcase into a home bar cabinet – and I’ll never miss that mess!

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