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funny pillow cases Be Proud Of Your Heritage 5 - British Eclectic Style funny cushion covers
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Decorating in an eclectic style isn't just a British thing - but something we do very well nevertheless! So for the purpose of this post, we will be talking about the 'British Eclectic Style' and helping you to understand its concepts. We will also be giving some tips and inspiration to help you get this look in your own home. If you are not the brave type or hate to have ever-growing collections - this might not be a look that you would appreciate.

If you do like mixing things up and having a touch of humour in your decorating, then you might have found your ideal style. · The most amazing thing about this style is that it will never stop evolving; which is probably why it appeals so much to collectors. It isn't so significant what you collect - but how you go about using your collections to beautify the home and having a knowledge of when it is too much.

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If you have collected something for years and years - you have to be selective and not overwhelm a space. If on the other hand you really don't have a collection of such - start by visiting a flea market or antique shop and buy a few items that you fall in love with. · It is very difficult to explain or give ideas for eclectic styles as it mostly depends on the person or persons living in a house. It depends on personal style - what you love and not worrying about matching everything. Mix patternsfunny pillow cases, work with colours that should otherwise clash and have antique pieces next to contemporary pieces if it makes you feel happy.

Don't be too serious either - if you come across something for the home that makes you laugh, then it will help to create a happy and easygoing space - one that likes to charm and entertain guests too. Aim yo have a little whimsy in each room. · So what are people collecting for their British eclectic homes? It could be an endless list really, with everyone having their own tastes and admiration.

Kitchenware is popular and it doesn't have to be stashed in glass cabinets. A chic way to display this collection is to paint a feature wall in a vibrant colour and dressing it up with your porcelain. In the same way, many like the appeal of old portraiture or silhouettes in various frames on a feature wall. Glass collections are another great way to add style to a room and to play with light; glass vases for instance come in many colours and shapes. · One collection that most eclectic styles will love is textiles - it makes it really easy to give any room a sudden makeover. Curtain material online can also be used in a collection and later made for personalised window treatments, curtain tie backs uk, sofa cushions and throws and bed decorations.

Hello fellow seamstresses, Laura here from Trash to Couture. I want to share with you a fun Halloween inspired tutorial that’s simple but has a great effect and basic supplies you probably have around the house.

Joann’s Fabric & Crafts emailed me with a challenge. ?Make a video to demonstrate a simple and easy craft that would inspire others to want to create! ?It’s part of their Creativity Made Simple campaign and I just LOVE the idea behind it. ?It’s all about inspiring others to carve out time in their day for a little creative time.

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