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funny pillow cases NEW BERNINA 7 Series Firmware Update with New Sewing and Embroidery Functions decorative pillow shams
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Many BERNINA models have an USB port. For embroidery models, this port’s purpose seems obvious—it allows you to transfer designs to your machine. But even many sewing-only models have this feature. Why? It allows for easy firmware updates! From time to time, BERNINA releases firmware updates that improve the features of the machine. We recommend that you always keep your machine up to date with the newest firmware. You can find firmware updates on the support page for your model on

BERNINA recently released a firmware update for the B 740, B 770, and B 700 machines that contains a number of improvements and some new embroidery features! Read on to learn more about these features and how to go about updating your machine.

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The new and popular Adjustable Ruler foot #72 is now available for selection from the foot selection menu. Have you tried rulerwork yet? Amanda Murphy’s Rulerwork Quilt-along is a great project to master this skill!

Who doesn’t love a new stitch? The B 740 now has the serpentine stitch—this is a great stitch for walking foot quilting. The serpentine stitch is number 1396, and is also available on the B 770 QE.

The thread cutting feature is one of our favorites for good reason. If you use it a lotfunny pillow cases, lint and thread ends can build up in the cutter, causing it to not cut cleanly. Now, after every 1000 cuts, your machine will give you the following reminder to clean the cutter:

If you touch the “confirm” icon (the green check), a screen will open to walk you through the cleaning process step by step.

After you complete the cleaning process, the cutter’s count will be reset, and the machine will remind you after another 1000 cuts.

The new BERNINA Midi Hoop gives you the benefits of the ergonomic twist-lock mechanism found in the BERNINA Maxi Hoop and the BERNINA Jumbo Hoop in a smaller size. The BERNINA Midi Hoop has an embroidery area of 10.4 inches by 6.5 inches.

B 770 QE owners rejoice! You can now combine multiple embroidery designs directly on your machine and add lettering, all on the same screen! This feature is already included with the B 700.

This powerful feature allows you to combine multiple designs so you can edit them at the same time. It also allows you to break apart designs to do detailed editing right on your machine’s screen!

Now you can undo or redo steps while editing and combining designs with one touch.

Thread Away Mode uses a swipe motion of the hoop to pull the tails of cut threads to the back of your embroidery so the top of your embroidery looks tidy and clean. This function can be turned on or off.

The B 770 QE now has the Thread-Up function, which allows you to easily pull up the bobbin thread to the top of the hoop. This is particularly useful for projects where the back of the embroidery needs to look as good as the front, such as quilting in the hoop or stitching freestanding lace. This function keeps the bobbin tail from getting stitched into the back of the design.

Here are the download links for this firmware update:

Scroll down to the “Firmware” section of the page to download the appropriate .zip file. You will also find documentation on this page, including the firmware release notes.

BERNINA recommends all customers always use the latest firmware for their model. BERNINA makes constant improvements to their products, and always running the latest firmware version will ensure the best sewing and embroidery experience.

Before you run an update, any saved data and settings should be saved on a BERNINA USB stick. Once the update is complete, this information can be transferred back to the machine.

This video will describe the process of updating your machine step by step. While the video refers to the B 880 and B 790 update, the process is the same for the B 770 QE, B 740 and B 700.

Important Note: After the update, the machine will restart, and you will be asked to enter the serial number twice. Once the serial number has been entered, it cannot be corrected—so be sure to enter it correctly. This process will only need to be done once, and will not be required for future updates.

Enjoy your Update!

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