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Having a nautical theme in your home can be beautiful and evoke all the relaxing feelings of life on the water. To create a ship shape coastal theme in your home simply follow these 5 simple steps.

A change of colour is the biggest step towards this breezy theme. Usually blues and neutral tones work quite well but light pastels can work equally as well. It all depends on the feel you’re trying to achieve. If you want a straight nautical theme you might want to try different shades of blue. If you want something more neutral, you can think of sand shades such as beige, creme and white. Or, for a sunset type of theme, go with light pastels.

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After you get your shadesfunny pillow cases, you’ll want to find artwork that is in keeping with the theme. Whatever appeals to you is what you should use. If you like lighthouses use that type of art and if you’re more into bright, beach scenes, go with that. Shopping for artwork online is the best way to do it nowadays as you can see a much wider variety in a shorter amount of time and you don’t have to worry about carrying large canvasses down the high street on a blustery afternoon- I’ve done it and it’s truelly perilous.You can also get color and decoration ideas from artwork should something really catch your eye. You can even place your entire theme around a certain picture if you like.

Now you’re ready for home decor. An inexpensive way of displaying a nautical theme is to find seashells and use them in decorative trays or as stand-alone items. You can either find seashells at a beach you’ve visited, online or simply buy them at a store. Hobby and craft stores usually carry different seashells for an inexpensive price. A good idea is to get a wooden tray, pour some beach sand in the bottom and place the seashells in there along with some matching colored candles.

You can also find authentic items to use such as hand carved designs of sea life, model ships, lanterns and even boat oars to hang on your wall.

Many places online carry nautical themed furniture if you’re willing to really go all out with your design work. However, you can use your own furniture as long as it matches what color ideas you have. For example, a blue plaid sofa would match a nautical theme quite well as would an old chest used as a coffee table. For window dressings, white Venetian blinds have a slightly nautical theme to them due to their colour and streamlined shape, they are also reminiscent of the painted white shutters usually found on old boats. Alternatively you could intall a made to measure roller blind that has a seaside related pattern or print decorating the canvas.

Besides obviously being very beautiful, the great thing about the rustic, laid back nautical approach is that it doesn’t cost the earth so you should be left with a fair few pieces of eight, aarh!

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