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Good morning, my home decor enthusiasts.? Today we are going to have some fun with our sister company, Paint-A-Pillow.? Remember Paint-A-Pillow is an innovative stenciling kit that allows the crafter to create a designer accent pillows in a snap!? Well, Cutting Edge Stencils? handed Erin and Tricia, the fab duo behind Suburban Bitchesfunny pillow cases, each a Paint-A-Pillow kit with the directions to craft away.? Here is how they each took one project and gave it their own spin…;

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First up, we’;d like to welcome back Erin.? She selected two great geometric patterns, the Drifting Arrows and the Geo.? Then she chose white pillow covers and several Jacquard paints in black, neutral gray, and raw sienna.? She was excited when she opened the kit and realized it was ready to go.? Erin says, “;As for the actual part of painting your pillow- it is so super easy!”;? she used a dense foam roller to paint the arrow pattern in black and a stencil brush to paint the geometric shape pattern in all three colors.? Once the paint was dry, she inserted the pillow insert and was ready to snap some pretty pictures.? She comments, “;I think this could make a fun night with your girlfriends who are afraid of getting a little bit crafty. ”;? We totally agree! Here are the pillows the Erin crafted:

Next up is Tricia.? She ordered the Otomi Rooster Paint-A-Pillow kit with a white pillow cover and neutral gray fabric paint.? Tricia wrote, “;This was a great product to work with. I love the way the kit came packaged and that I could feel super creative yet it only took about 30 minutes from start through clean up to complete a pillow.”;? Once the pillow was painted, she decided to put her own personal twist on it by embroidering the stenciled detail.

Once the project was complete, Tricia rinsed off the stencil and was ready to use it again!? She had a piece of canvas laying around and gold craft paint.? She taped her stencil to the canvas and painted the Otomi Rooster pattern onto the fabric.? Once it was complete, she placed it into a white frame.? Easy peasy DIY wall art for her daughter’;s room.? Oh and yes that is our Little Diamonds stencil staring back at you behind the wall art.

Tell us: Which one of these Paint-A-Pillow projects is your favorite? Leave us a comment below!

Looking for more Paint-A-Pillow fun?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!

Michelle and the Paint-A-Pillow Team

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