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funny pillow cases What to buy the man in your life for Christmas - sofa pillow covers
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Wondering what to get the men?in your family for Christmas? Lucky for you the Your Home and Garden stylists have been on a shopping spree

Clockwise from bottom left: Estwing hammer, $68, and Craftsman wrench, $19.98, both Mitre 10. Jandals, $35, from Superette. Wooden bottle opener, $26, from Paper Plane Store. Izola ‘To my health’ hip flask, $50, from Tea Pea. Opinel folding knife, $45, from Tessuti. Spanish shot glass set, $65, from Good as Gold. Dapper toilet bag, $90, from Tea Pea. Taurus leather tool belt, $109, from Mitre 10. Georgia Jay Boy O Boy wallet, $45, from Tessuti. Trusco toolbox, $75, from Everyday Needs. Hat, $64.90, from Country Road. Mustache matchesfunny pillow cases, $6.90, from Iko Iko. Hot Samoan Boys chilli sauce, $14, from Junk &; Disorderly. Adventure hip flask, $55, and camp mug, $19, both from Good as Gold. Triumph &; Disaster Ponsonby pomade, $49, from Tessuti. Aftershave balm, $49, from Good as Gold. Cufflinks, $50, from Simon James Concept Store. Deadly Ponies x Everyday Needs washbag, $65, from Everyday Needs. Maritime soap set, $39, from Good as Gold. Easy boardies, $99, from Superette.

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Clockwise from top left: Notebook, $32, from Let Liv. Pencils, pack of 10 $10, from Good as Gold. Triumph &; Disaster shaving brush, $99, from Tessuti. Three-cup Chemex, $69, from Good as Gold. Loop bottle opener, $42, from Douglas and Bec. Acme cup, $8, and saucer, $4, from Let Liv. Six Barrel Supreme coffee syrup, $24.50, and soda syrup, $19.50, from Paper Plane. Stanley 1-litre flask, $85, from Everyday Needs. Amber Duralex glasses, $8.50 each, from Bob and Friends. Shave soap bar, $25, from Good as Gold. Shoreditch map, $14, from Bob &; Friends. Frederick and May marbles, $42, from Douglas and Bec. Comb, $3, and Shine shoe brush, $55, from Good as Gold. Triumph &; Disaster Coltrane clay, $49, from Bread and Butter Letter. Flax yarn, $15.50, from Everyday Needs. Washable paper lunch bag, $79, from Paper Plane. Beard oil, $24, from Junk &; Disorderly. Shuro Hoki broom, $63.25, and carpet beater, $59, from Everyday Needs. Erin Fae ‘Chem x Coffee’ screenprint, $59, from Endemic World. Tom Dixon feather bookmark, $35, from Simon James Concept Store. Key fob, $35, and Muskhane plain ball, $35, both from Good as Gold.

Clockwise from top left: Yoyo, $15.50, from Bob &; Friends. Bunny night light, $25, from Flux Boutique. Toolbox set, $59.90, from Corso de Fiori. Miffy moneybox, $69.90, from Crave Home. Spinning top, $2.50, from Shut The Front Door. Ceramic tea set, $59.90, from Corso de Fiori. Beach paddles, $29.95, from Green with Envy. Sack Me popcorn cushion, $35, from Tea Pea. Fox skipping rope, $14.99, from Shut The Front Door. Glitter-toe espadrilles, $49.90, from Crave Home. Slingshot, $32, from Tea Pea. Fog Linen apron, $59, from Father Rabbit. Seedling spitting frogs, $11.99, from Shut The Front Door. A5 journal, $24.90, from kikki.K. Wiggly worm, $9, from The Garden Party. Hippo crayons, $20, from Tea Pea. Design-your-own sword, $26.50, from Shut The Front Door. Jack Alexander ‘Coke Truck’ print, $30, from Endemic World. Pens, five pack $12.90, from kikki.K. Tape Gallery road and car, $27.99, from Shut The Front Door. Seedling water pistol, $3, from Tea Pea. Crab board shorts, $44.90, from Country Road.

Styling by: Sam Smith and Catherine HillsPhotos by: Melanie Jenkins

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