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funny pillow cases customized rustic pillow covers Grading Seam Allowances- How and Why
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Seam grading is like stair-stepping. Don't worry, it's not the aerobic kind from the gym. It's the process of turning a standard seam allowance into layered tiers of fabric. The result is less bulk, which means a smoother finish from the right side. It's another one those very basic techniques that can make all the difference in the professional look of your project. It is done by hand, so it can be a bit time consuming based on the length of the seam being trimmed, but it makes a tremendous difference. Bulky, lumpy seams are not very pretty. Crispfunny pillow cases, flat seams are best!

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Not every seam requires grading, but it can be done on any seam. It is more necessary when working with a) thicker fabrics, b) seams that will be pressed together and to one side rather than flat, or C) seams that will be sandwiched between other layers, such as on a waistband or along the top of a bag.

Some people are reluctant to grade because they feel it will weaken the seam. But really, unless your project is something that is going to be laundered day-in-and-day-out, the strength of the graded seam will be fine. Plus, graded seams can still be finished – even if it's just with a seam sealant rather than a machine finish. And, the results are worth it!?

Our thanks to?Janome America?Education Coordinator, Nancy Fiedler for providing these helpful tips, techniques, and samples. She used bright colors against white in her samples to best show the different widths of the layers.?

To help keep your grading precise, we recommend two types of scissors:?

3"- 5" sharp, pointed scissors, sharp enough to cut all the way down to the point.

Duckbill Scissors; sometimes called Appliqué Scissors.?

Our thanks again to?Janome America?Education Coordinator, Nancy Fiedler for her help with this tutorial.?To stay up-to-date on all the news from Janome, visit their?website?and/or follow the creativity on their blog, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or?YouTube.

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